How do you describe your role at Belief Agency?

I'm a client advocate, creative protector, and business cultivator. I am all about relationships. I want our clients to get actual marketing tools that will help their organization, I want our team to have what they need to give our clients the best we can, and I want our business to grow and be stable so it can provide for people and their families.

I'm both a medic and a systems guy. I'm better at being a medic—that is, quickly identifying what is going wrong, stopping the "bleeding," and then getting the specialist (creative) to help get people back on their feet. I like building systems, but often do not get the time to focus on them long enough because there is always a fire that needs to be put out. That's just the way this kind of work is.

My tools are communication. First, interpersonally and second, visually (design) and technologically. The last two help save us all time—being clear and scalable. But they only work when everyone is first heard (interpersonally).

When did you start your career?

In fourth grade, I sold a Twinkie at lunch. In sixth grade, I sold enough soda to buy pizza for all my friends at baseball camp. I then started a point system at daycare where kids could earn points for helping the school and each other, and use the points to buy things they wanted from a physical store I created out of plastic blocks. To buy the toys, we would hold car washes and bake sales. We also bought school pets–all of which died pretty quickly. For those efforts, when I left after 12 years they bought be a Nintendo 64.

I bounced around colleges, going to six or so. I thought you studied communications if you just didn't know what else to study. I knew I wanted to learn to write, so I studied English, which I washed out of during the third quarter. I just couldn't keep up with the reading.

What is the best part of your job?

I love seeing lights come on for people so they can do what they do, better.

Our clients will forever know their businesses better than us. What we have to offer are services and expertise to make what they are doing better, more efficient, and better known.

I like when multi-backgrounds and expertise come together. Often, I get to facilitate these interactions, where people are better at what they do because they learned something or things have been made more clear.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Doing what is most important; doing first things first and second things never is really tough. I pick up too many things.

Who are some of the leaders/authors that inspire you?

Elbert Hubbard, Daniel Pink, and Peter Drucker.

What makes you excited to be part of the team?

The service: We are all about serving our clients and each other. That allows us to do our best work and to have the greatest effect for our clients.

What do you do in your pastime?

I love reading and thinking. Not for a living, but because it's rewarding. When I was in high school, I was an assistant manager at Ciro's Pizza in Southern California. My manager at the restaurant had all of us read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. That was the first book I actually read. Even though I did multiple book reports in school—sorry, school, I just don't get most "literary" books. I'm so thankful now that he made us read it. That was really the "start" of my career.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the Seattle summer?


What else should we know about you?

I married the best girl, so everyone else should give up.